Outlaw Music Association Wayne Mills Tribute

This past weekend witnessed an outpouring of love in downtown Nashville when many outlaw music artists gathered on Sunday, March 2, 2014, to pay tribute to a dearly beloved fellow outlaw country musician whose life ended tragically and suddenly Thanksgiving weekend 2013.  They came from all parts of the country to not only pay their respects for Wayne Mills, but also to benefit Wayne's wife Carol and their young son Jack. 

I was privileged to attend as Tonya Watt's personal photographer since she flew all the way from California just to take part and pay her respects.  Wayne had not only befriended Tonya, but had helped her by allowing her to share his stage in the past.  Both Wayne and Tonya are from Alabama, both have Bama Crimson blood running through their veins, both share a deep passion for outlaw country music, and both are influential in what they do with many fans that love them dearly.  I was fortunate to get to know Wayne and spend time on his bus once when Tonya shared the stage with him at the Southside (Alabama) Music Festival a few years ago.

He was a great artist and person and certainly, in every way, an outlaw legend. Wayne Mills, rest in peace. Much love and respect.